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PGR-Meandering-Paths V0.1.6

PGR-Meandering-Paths Panel
klick to download; to install the script, rename it to "" and copy it to Blenders '/scripts' directory. License (GPL)

PGR-Meandering-Paths ( is a Blender-Plugin (written in Python), which creates (randomly) 3D-meandering 'paths' within a defined area. It is written for Blender 2.4x. The script makes Blender curves of type "3D", to which another curve-object with adjustable size is assigned as bevel-object (you can choose between three basic shapes). This is also known as "sweep" or "extrusion-profile".

The script creates the 3D-curves along the x-axis of a beforehand as bounding-box selected mesh-object. You can choose between three types of startpoint-distribution on the Y-Z-plane of the bounding-box and also the number of steps along the x-axis.

At present, there are these different types of "meandering":

The end-points can be set to sit oppositely to the startpoints.

New since version V0.1.0 is the possibility to create a random animation of the curves. Several paramters can be adjusted to influence the animation. The created animation is based on Blenders 'shape-keys', so it is possible to readjust the animation afterwards.

For questions or suggestions (or just to present created results): eMail me.

Illustrations of the options

Startpunkt-Verteilung 1

Startpoint-distribution #1:
First in the center of the Y-Z-plane rest circularly around the center.

Startpunkt-Verteilung 2

Startpoint-distribution #2:
stacked; depending of aspect ratio and area of the Y-Z-plane the count of paths can differ.

Startpunkt-Verteilung 3

Startpoint-distribution #3:
random distribution; startpoints may even overlap.

Bevelobject Circle

Bevelobject Circle:

Bevelobject Rectangle

Bevelobjekt Rectangle:

Bevelobject Hexagon

Bevelobjekt Hexagon:

Meander type 1: straight

Meander type 1: Straight

Meander type 2: tidy

Meander type 2: Tidy

Meander type 3: curvy

Meander type 3: Curvy

Meander type 4: edgy

Meander type 4: Edgy

Meander type 5: edgy2

Meander type 5: Edgy2

Meander type 6: jumbled

Meander type 6: Jumbled

Meander type 7: screwy

Meander type 7: Screwy

Meander type 8: screwy2

Meander type 8: Screwy2

Animation example
(needs Flash)

Some examples

Beispiel 1 Beispiel 2 Beispiel 3
Beispiel 4 Beispiel 5 Beispiel 6
Beispiel 7 Beispiel 8 Beispiel 9